The Graduate Academy recognises the fact that some students are unable to attend face to face lectures due to work commitments.  We have devised an option that allows students to still receive the support from our lecturers which our full time students get without having to come to campus.

As an online student you will benefit as follows:

  1. You will receive a full note pack for the module. This includes summaries of all the content to be covered as well as case summaries.
  2. On a weekly basis for the duration of the semester (normally 12 weeks) you will receive an email update from the lecturer of the particular module which guides you on what needs to be covered that week and points out any areas to focus on as well as expanding on certain concepts for you to gain a better understanding.
  3. Help with assignments which are due (normally 2 per semester per module). You will receive full guidance and reminders on assignment which are due as well as be able to send your assignment to our lecturer for pre-checking prior to submission to UNISA.  This ensures you are on the right track and gain maximum marks for your assignments which will result in a good year mark.
  4. Exam preparation help. The ability to send in past paper questions for the lecturer to check and provide feedback.  Option to attend final revision lectures if you are able.
  5. Most importantly you will have a direct link to your lecturer who WILL answer your questions and help you with your study journey. If you are stuck at any point you will be able to call or email us and get back on track!


R 1700 per module per semester.

You can select if you want help with some or all of your modules.  Payment terms can be arranged.

If you are interested in signing up as an online student, please send us your details on our page!